Rewarded? For Living?

Trying to find more ways to save/earn more/ get rewarded. I found out a little over a year ago that the health insurance I get through my employer, has a rewards program. We go through Humana, and their rewards program is called Go365. I already had a fitbit, which is one of many fitness/health apps that can connect to their rewards app.

Almost everything gives you points. Every 1,000 steps gives you 1 point, having certain apps to log food, weight, mindfulness, stress, and physical activity get you points just for being connected. Even doing a little paperwork to document your phyical, dental checkups, and doing a yearly personal survey gets you points. They also have educational courses that give you points for participating in. You can also set up challenges with coworkers or friends that are also in Humana’s network. You get points for participating and depending on how you place. The only challenges they have step challenges and weight challenges. There are also bonuses for getting higher up in their “Status” levels. Each level of Status gets you bonus points and you get bonus points for reaching the same point you hit in the last year.

Granted every point has a value of about $0.01. So you won’t make bank. In the last year I accumulated about 15,000 points which I was able to choose from their marketplace which has a ton of options from several smartwatches, to workout gear, and even bikes. You can also trade them in for gift cards to a few places like Amazon, Target, Lowes, Best Buy, and Macy’s. With half of my points, I purchased a Fitbit for my wife, which was only at a slight discount from full retail. If you shop the sales on Amazon, you can actually get gift cards and pay for the fitness tracker through Amazon and save on points and cash.

Now if you don’t have insurance through Humana, you should talk to your Insurance company to see what programs they may have to either save you money, or give back for doing what you do. I tend to walk a ton for my job, so getting steps in every day isn’t hard to do. Doing all of the additional courses, challenges, and apps help rack up points rather quickly. I’m hoping by December, I’ll have enough points to not have to pay anything for Christmas presents for my family, seeing as we all sit at the Amazon altar. By my activity level and the fact that I keep up with my yearly physical and biannual dental cleanings, I should accumulate almost $200 in rewards. This doesn’t include the monthly challenges or any other bonuses that will come along the way.

Most of these points are passive if you don’t want to deal with the courses and calculators. But it literally takes you an extra 2 minutes to print off the paperwork for your doctor to sign to get you the extra points just for doing the things they expect of you.

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