End of Week Review 1/17/20

This week I worked on finding ways to save money by packing less in my lunch every day and for the first time ever, using coupons. However, I didn’t drop any weight because of the slow week I had at work as well as struggles at the gym with my knee. I tried to push through the pain, but after 2 days of trying to fight it, I had to call it, as I could barely walk on Wednesday and Thursday. I was braced up and had to resort to trying some at home workouts that didn’t involve knees. Still isn’t the same. Luckily I didn’t gain weight. We’ve just had a warm couples days and now are plummeting into to a cold snap, which has all of my previously injured joints (both knees, right shoulder, left ankle, left wrist), screaming at me. Goal for me in the next week is to force myself to eat less to offset the lack of exercise. It is so hard to not eat when the kitchen isn’t that far away and there is free candy at work!

Total Assets: $35,712.87
Total Liabilities: $40,876.33
Net Worth: -$5,163.46

Weight: 205.2 lbs
Change: 0.0lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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