End of Week Review 1/3/20

This week I went to the gym a couple times, but got stuck doing stationary work at my job. I stopped buying some of the more unhealthy snacks I usually eat, but didn’t expect to see much change in my weight after a week.
I fell into the gift card trap where I had a $40 gift card but used it as an excuse to buy something worth more than the $40 the gift card had on it, so I probably spent more than I should have. Still made a sizable stab at my credit card debt with the Christmas bonus I received.

Total Assets:$35,074.86
Total Liabilities:$40,486.93
Net Worth:-$5,412.07

Weight:205.5 lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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