Off to a rough start

Today I had my last family Christmas for this year. I definitely ate wayyyyyyy to much food for lunch and wayyyyyyy too much cookies, and hard candies, and chocolate peanut butter balls, and white chocolate Christmas bark, and more cookies. I’m definitely going to need to go to the gym more than once a day to offset this splurge. I usually make exceptions for the holidays , and I try to control myself, but my sweet tooth is dangerous. I feel like I should have had to eat something appalling for every dessert I had to remind me that I shouldn’t basically eat everything in sight. I’m glad I didn’t skip the gym this morning, but even that probably didn’t put much of a dent in the intake I had today. Tomorrow will be a fasting day for me.

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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